Asterisk IP PBX


Why should your business adapt to fit in with your telephone system?  Quite simply it shouldn’t.  Saicom are in the business of providing intelligent telephony based on open standards, with Asterisk being our IP PBX platform of choice.

The IP PBX functionality includes all the features of an enterprise system, with the added benefit of many integration options being available.

Some of the benefits include;

  1. Auto Attendant (IVR)
  2. Conference Calling
  3. Call Recording
  4. Call Centre Management and Reporting
  5. Inbound Call Centre Management
  6. Outbound Call Centre Dialling
  7. Support for Remote Extensions
  8. VoIP Enabled
  9. Unified Communications
  10. Soft Phone and Smart Phone Interoperability

Asterisk & Open Standards 

Asterisk is a highly flexible & scalable open source framework used for building communications applications. Traditional proprietary PBX systems are based on physical hardware and are therefore limited in their features and benefits. Furthermore, you’re locked into the vendor providing the system. With Asterisk, the power is in the software which gives you the ability to develop the platform in any way to suit your business. The scope is limitless.

Additionally, the call management software built into Asterisk provides hundreds of features, typically only found in high-end proprietary platforms. Asterisk can also be used to enhance, bridge or extend an existing system, which will provide serious value without a complete PBX overhaul.

Today Asterisk is used in most of the fortune 1000 companies and boasts over a million systems worldwide, hence the reason that this is our platform of choice.