Bulk SMS Solutions

SMS is amongst the most reliable medium of business communication. Saicom offers a true bulk SMS solution capable of delivering hundreds of thousands of SMSes per day. SMS remains the most trusted channel for business communication despite the rise in instant messaging applications.

Saicom’s true bulk SMS solutions allow you to track the success of your campaigns.

Saicom offers true bulk SMS solutions capable of delivering hundreds of thousands of messages per day. Our messaging platform offers all the features that you would expect from a carrier grade solution. Each message has a reply path so that you can receive SMS responses. All SMS campaigns also have detailed reporting and statistics which allow you to track the success of your campaigns.

You will ensure that all of your SMS’s will only be sent during applicable hours and that where required, an ‘opt-out’ option shall be provided.

Pricing on Bulk SMS

SMS Volume Range Cost per SMS Message
0 – 1 000 000  17c
1 000 000 – 2 000 000 15c
2 000 000 12c

The Benefits of Saicom’s Bulk SMS Service

  • You can reach a lot of people, and you can do so quickly.
  • Messages can be made in any language.
  • No hardware or software installation is required.
  • A cost efficient way to contact potential clients.
  • We offer various common API integration methods such as SMPP.
  • SMSs fully comply with the National Credit Act, Consumer Protection Act and Protection of Private Information Act.
  • SMSs consisting of more than 160 characters can be split into SMSs.