Automated Voice Messaging & Robocall

Saicom’s RoboCall solution is designed as a bulk communications message dialer, also known as interactive voice response, it broadcasts a personalised pre-recorded message. RoboCall enables communication with thousands of cell phones or landlines quickly and efficiently, while allowing the recipient to interact or be diverted to a call centre by using the phone’s keypad.

Interactive Voice Response and RoboCall are a unique and efficient way to engage with a large number of clients.

Because we are constantly bombarded by media and advertising, few messages manage to break through and make a real impact. Saicom’s RoboCall offers unique solutions to this problem.

Designed as a bulk communications message dialer, RoboCall is also known as Automated Voice Message. This service is perfect if your aim is to reach large number of recipients, and you need to communicate with them quickly.

Saicom’s RoboCall service actually dials the customer with a voice recording either directly or into the customer’s voicemail box. The pre-recorded message is supplied by the customer and played to the recipient. The recording can feature music, voice, an advert or a speech. At the end of the sound clip the customer is also able to make a selection and provide you with feedback in real time.

IVR can be run in three different modes:

Simple Delivery

  • Simple audio clip is played on answering, allowing you to share information with existing clients.

DTMF Feedback     

  • On answer, an audio clip is played asking the client to make a choice by pressing a digit on their phone keypad. The audio clip asks the client service related questions, allows them to opt in to a service or to request a call back.

Hosted Dialer Mode          

  • An audio clip is played on answering, if the client is interested they are then transferred to a call centre. This approach serves to field hot leads to a call centre, allowing your agents to concentrate viable leads only.
  • All three of these modes can run with voicemail detection, in order to ensure the message will not play a message if the person has not answered the call.
  • All IVRs will be followed up with detailed reports showing answered calls, connected calls and DTMF responses.

Why use Robocall?

  • Pay only for recipients reached
  • To collect customer feedback
  • To renew service agreements
  • To issue payment and past due bill reminders
  • To promote special events
  • To distribute promotional offers