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The perfect telephony solution to meet your business needs.

Simplify your business communications with Saicom’s Cloud PBX.

Having successfully rolled out cloud-based, scalable voice solutions to some of the largest corporates around South Africa, we are able to focus on understanding your business. We provide one reliable solution customised for your specific environment. A solution that will meet all your voice, data and messaging requirements.

Since our launch in 2006, we have become the preferred partner for many of South Africa’s top companies. Our clients choose us because we ensure faster, smarter and more cost-effective business communications.

Using exclusively cloud-based services, we focus on scalable telephony systems for corporate clients, VoIP operators and international Telco carriers across South Africa. Equipping government departments, municipalities, financial institutions, call centres and corporations of all sizes, Saicom has become one of the leading business telecommunication and VoIP providers in South Africa.

Key Features

saicom-icon-1 Save money – cheaper than traditional phone systems.
saicom-icon-2 Save time – setup is simple and quick thanks to our 1-touch provisioning system.
saicom-icon-4 No downtime – if there’s no power we can forward your calls to your cellphone.
saicom-icon-5 User friendly – clean, simple interface with easy-to-use features.
saicom-icon-6 Scalability – it’s easy to add and remove users, devices and functionality as your business needs change.
saicom-icon-3 Accessibility and Mobility – whether you’re out and about, or at your desk, you are always connected and you can get your voicemail from anywhere in the world. The system grows as your business grows. Pay only for what you use.
saicom-icon-7 Reliability – an exceptional support team to get you up and running and support you every step of the way.


Why go Cloud?

If you’re not convinced by the features shown above, lets’s look at them in comparison to legacy onsite PBX’s:


Features On-Premise Cloud
Scalability Limited by size of device. Clumsy and difficult to scale without incurring major cost. Unlimited. Can grow as your business grows.
Flexibility Inflexible. Can scale up or down in increments of 1 user which gives you mobility and flexibility.
Cutting Edge Outdated technology. Dynamic, always relevant and uses the latest technology.
Management Complicated by multiple management systems. Easy management thanks to one portal for multi-site admin management.
Costs Large capital expenditure. Cost-effective turning your capex into a monthly managed service.
Technology Risk Risk lies with your business. Risk lies with the service provider, not your business.

Minimises risk of theft.

Provides highest level of data security.

Disaster Recovery Taken out by onsite issues. Always online.
Mobility Features are limited to certain sites. All users have the same features no matter where they work.
Feature Set Will vary according to platform. Unlimited features.
Maintenance Ongoing maintenance required. Maintained in the cloud.
Upgrades Costly upgrades. Upgrades are done remotely with minimal down time and no call out fees.
Deployment Timely. Can take months from planning stage to final implementation. Quick to deploy.
Provisioning Provisioning is done per extension per site. Automatic Provisioning.


Learn more about Saicom’s Cloud PBX Features and Pricing

If you’d like more information about Saicom’s Cloud PBX, you can download the brochure here.