Cloud Virtualisation

Get cost effective infrastructure on demand.

Building and maintaining your own server infrastructure can be very expensive. With Saicom’s private cloud hosting we can host all your business applications in our data centre on your own high performance, resilient and dedicated virtual server.

Just like receiving electricity from a power socket, cloud computing enables companies to simply plug in and subscribe to services built on a solid, shared infrastructure.

We provide you with your own private cloud for the hosting of all your critical business applications. This is facilitated through our high performance servers, located in the most secure and reliable Datacentre in Africa. Saicom’s Cloud Computing ensures maximum uptime and availability.

Key Features

  • There’s no need for expensive upfront hardware, making it cost effective.
  • Your infrastructure is flexible; it can grow and shrink as necessary.
  • You can move your computing requirements into the cloud; the service becomes globally accessible on any device and any connection, anytime.
  • Cloud services ensure your business is secure from online threats as well as hardware damage.
  • Your platform is secure against theft and power fluctuations in the most powerful data centre in Africa.
  • Consolidating of your physical servers onto our high performance, virtualized environment provides improved efficiency.
  • We offer flexible terms and our services are scalable.
  • If uptime is critical to you, but you do not wish to virtualise, we do offer colocation servers in our data centre.
  • We customise everything to suit your needs and provide a fully managed service.