Enjoy super-fast connectivity with priority access for voice and data on tap.

Transform your business with Saicom Fibre.

Saicom Fibre is the ultimate in broadband speed and reliability – it will transform the way in which your business communicates. With Saicom Fibre your Internet connection travels across a fibre optic cable which runs directly into your office – this will deliver significantly faster download and upload speeds than conventional broadband (ADSL and VDSL) services.

Saicom fibre, in collaboration with our national carrier-grade MPLS network, ensures that your business’s voice and data traffic gets VIP treatment. Each deployment is installed as a Gigabit link, enabling fast bandwidth upgrades. With the cost of fibre continually falling, the decision to move to fibre is simple.

If you are ready to install lightning fast fibre for your business, don’t hesitate, call us today.

Key Features:

With Saicom Fibre, you and your employees will experience internet speeds like no other and a host of other productivity enhancing features.

  • Up to Gigabit speeds
  • Bandwidth on tap
  • Public address space
  • Quick turnaround times on upgrades
  • Quality of service
  • Coverage in your area

If you’d like more information about Saicom’s Fibre, you can download the brochure here.

As part of the Saicom Fibre offering, you will also get Unified Communications and Convergence.

The aim of convergence is to use a single line for all of your voice calls and internet and e-mail requirements. By consolidating all of your services (phones, data, and video) into one platform, you only have one account to maintain, one vendor to deal with and one line to manage.

We offer several convergence packages specifically designed to reduce your operating costs, which can be delivered over a variety of connectivity mediums, including fibre and wireless.


Saicom Fibre Internet Access 24 Months
Bandwidth Once Off Monthly


Voice VLAN

10 Mbps R6 600 R2 309
25 Mbps R6 600 R3 946
50 Mbps R6 600 R6 547
100 Mbps R6 600 R11 429
200 Mbps R6 600 R21 104
500 Mbps R6 600 R46 871
1024 Mbps R6 600 R80 740


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