Number Porting

Concerned about losing your phone number if you move premises or change service providers?

Now fully loaded on the Geographic Number Portability database; Saicom can port your existing Telkom number onto our platform and have you running in no time. This means that no matter where you are, you can keep your number and you can transfer calls to any device, anywhere.

Almost all landline numbers are portable, including those issued by local VoIP providers. ICASA has issued Saicom with an extensive number range so we can offer you numbers in a variety of regions.

If you don’t want to port your number, or yours cannot be ported, we can assign you a new one in various area codes.

Key Features

  • Keep your number, regardless of your location
  • It’s your number for life, you won’t be held to ransom if you ever decide to move away from us
  • Moving premises? Port to us in no time