Reseller FAQs

How much demand exists for the product?

  • Communications is the backbone of business worldwide. As a leading telecommunications provider, we compete directly with Tier 1 telecommunications providers in offering customers the best rates and technology to ensure cheap, reliable communication platforms.

How much competition is there and why are we different?

  • Saicom has direct inter-connects into all the major Telco providers and has invested heavily in quality technical resources and state of the art infrastructure.

What market segments have we targeted and why?

  • Locally we boast some of the largest call centres within South Africa. Through our international partnerships with some of the biggest international telecommunications businesses worldwide, we terminate all their countries calls into the South African Network.

What do we want you, the reseller to do and why?

  • As a reseller, your role is to market Saicom’s products either under your own brand or through ours for the purpose of mutual economic gain.

What is our market coverage strategy?

  • Our market coverage strategy will limit the number of resellers per area or region to ensure that conflict is minimized. Our direct sales team will focus specifically on Johannesburg North and wherever conflicts arise, within reason, not compete.

How committed is our management to the channel?

  • Management is fully committed to the channel program and will ensure that there is full transparency within the sales, rebate and technical process and at all times act in the best interest of the reseller.

How will this impact your current business?

  • Saicom looks to create meaningful partnerships with all our resellers, and we understand that your business is unique in its approach. To that extent, we aim to tailor our program around your strengths to ensure you maximize your profitability in the shortest time.

How developed is our channel program?

  • Our channel program is based on world-leading partner methodology. The benefits of our partner program touch all aspects of your business and provide world-class technology, technical services, training, incentives and most importantly profit.

How do you make money what do they have to do to get the money?

  • The big question. At Saicom we embrace your success as our own, and the aim at the end of the day is to make money and be profitable. In that, we endeavour to provide you with the market-leading pricing and technical service to ensure you win deals and keep clients happy. So all you have to do is keep signing deals and we will look after the rest.