SIP Trunking

Why invest in antiquated telco lines, when you can have one converged Saicom link for all your voice and data requirements?

SIP trunking is really just another flavour of voice services – the main difference is that the network traffic arrives as IP, as opposed to your typical telco infrastructure such as Basic Rate ISDN, or PRI. SIP trunking is also known as VoIP trunking.

At the commercial level, the real benefit here is cost savings. SIP trunking offers enterprises the benefits of converged communications and saves substantial costs by eliminating the need for traditional telephone infrastructure such as gateways and telco lines.

With SIP trunking you no longer need to add a single physical copper line every time you require a channel.  Your only limitation is bandwidth but luckily the bandwidth needed per voice call is low.  Your expansion capabilities on a single data line are not only limitless but seriously cost effective.

    • Eliminate the need for traditional telco lines
    • Leverage the same Saicom fibre link for both your voice and data requirements
    • Great cost savings!
  • No More PRI’s, BRI’s or PSTN Gateways