Saicom provides a host of communication solutions specially designed to help organisations improve their collaboration, deliver best customer user experience and unrivalled investment protection.

About Saicom

Collaborative communications to help your business grow

Since the early 2000s, Saicom has been a leading service provider in the South African Telecommunications market. Saicom provides a host of communication solutions specifically designed to assist organisations in improving their communication, collaboration and help deliver an unsurpassed user experience. If you’ve wasted time at work, due to downtime, had difficulty in reaching the right people or struggled to give your clients the seamless experience they deserve, then it’s time for your business to change the way it communicates.

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One Provider, One Solution, One Contact

With Saicom, you no longer need to worry about the significant cost (and headache) of managing and maintaining numerous vendors and communication systems. With productivity-enhancing features like easy support for mobile, remote and home-working employees, video, conferencing, and super-fast fibre, Saicom’s communication solutions will give your business all it needs to grow, improve and provide the best customer service to your clients.

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Featured Product

Simplify your business communications with Saicom Cloud PBX

Effective communication solutions are key to your business running smoothly. Saicom’s Cloud PBX will provide your company with a single source of communication, collaboration and mobility features that will keep you connected to your business and your customers from anywhere. Our PBX solution will enable your business to increase revenue, minimise management and operational headaches and improve your customer relationships.

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